Letter to the Editor: Let’s take a look at our local election

Northeast News
July 20, 2016

Dear Editor,

I realize this year boasts one of the craziest presidential election cycles ever witnessed, but I would like to bring it down to a local level, and tell you about my friend Manny Abarca IV.

Manny is running to represent Missouri House District 19, which encompasses the majority of Northeast KC, Western Independence, and Western Sugar Creek. As a long-term resident of NE, I have watched him take on the school board and fight wherever the need arose. Far from just being a fighter, his tireless community service and dedication to helping others across the community has impressed me.

If you want someone that will represent you in Jefferson City, Manny is a proven advocate for the many needs across this district. He exemplifies experience with both local and national leaders, and demonstrates wisdom beyond his years.

After seeing him in the recent forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters, I found his message stood head and shoulder above others vying for your vote. I was particularly impressed in how his concerns gelled with many personal beliefs in how we can improve our entire area together.

Politics is about looking to the future as well as respecting the past. Manny’s positive message was a sharp contrast to his opponent, whose best and most articulate answer came as an underhanded jab at Manny. She called attention to the fact that Manny is endorsed by Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, and that Manny had attended leadership boot camps. Funny, I believe that many will actually see that as a bonus, and just another reason to give Manny an opportunity to bring values and support to Jefferson City next January. I am firm in my resolve, and I encourage you to do the same: vote Manny for Missouri this August 2nd. Thank you.

Sam Caloroso

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