Letter To The Editor: I am fed up – are you?

I read your online post about the number of murders in Scarritt Renaissance and it infuriated me, given all the work volunteers have done to improve the quality of life for residents in our neighborhood. As of October 25th, there were five in Scarritt Renaissance, six in Indian Mound, and two each in Sheffield, Independence Plaza and Lykins. The numbers for Pendleton Heights are unknown as of this writing. I am fed up and I hope your readers are too. I am fed up with the almost daily gunfire in Historic Northeast; I am fed up with the increasing number of murders in our community; and I am fed up with the vacant houses in our neighborhoods being used for drug dealing and prostitution. The question is—is anybody else fed up enough to do something about it?

There are some very basic things that residents can do right now to help solve these problems.

Residents could start calling or texting 911 the minute they hear anything that sounds like gunfire. The police tell us at the neighborhood meetings and events time and time again to call regardless of whether we know it is gunfire or fireworks, or whether they will be able to send officers to the area in a timely manner, or whether we know exactly where the sound came from.

Our board and block watch leadership is working with the police to find solutions to the crime that has disrupted our quality of life. Soon we will be convening a public meeting for our residents, and we want anybody who is fed up throughout the Northeast community to attend. Once the details are worked out, we will be announcing the day and time. I hope your readers will be present to discuss concerns and help us find solutions. Below are some other steps that fed up community members can take:

•Attend the meeting being planned when it is announced.

•Turn on your porch light and convince your neighbors to do the same thing. Purchase an LED bulb; the cost will be minimal and it will last for many years. Light up Scarritt and drive the criminal element out of here.

•Lock your car doors every time you leave it.

•“Hide your junk in the trunk” so that thieves aren’t enticed to break in and steal your valuables.

•Get to know your neighbors and how to contact them if you see something suspicious

•Join the Scarritt Renaissance Block Watch Network and even consider becoming a block watch captain. We now have a phone number for more information or reporting a problem, but it is NOT an emergency number and does not take the place of calling 911: (207) 619-0773.

•Call or text the police EVERY TIME you hear something that sounds like either gunfire or fireworks. Here is information on texting 911: http://www.kansascity.com/news/local/crime/article61706687.html

•Call the police EVERY TIME you see something that makes you take a double take because it just “doesn’t feel right.” Report when you see abandoned houses standing open or people coming and going from them. This is where criminals and transients are dealing drugs, prostituting and starting fires that threaten the neighboring homes.

•Call your Mayor and City Council and tell them how disgusted you are that crime and gunfire are a part of our daily lives and that you want them to allocate way more dollars to the police department.

•Next time you have the opportunity to vote for a tax increase to pay for more police, don’t whine about having to pay more taxes. Be thankful that someone listened to your concerns and is trying to solve the problem by getting funds to hire more police.

”Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting the results to be different.” Are we fed up enough to change our thinking, our social media behavior and the habits we have to get different results, or are we happy with the insanity? Are we happy that Scarritt only had five murders so far this year or do we believe that even one murder in our neighborhood and community is one too many?


Leslie Caplan
Scarritt Renaissance Neighborhood Association

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