Kingman, AZ

Michael Bushnell
Northeast News

From Flagstaff we continue our westward journey to Kingman, Arizona, where we’ll overnight at the famous White Rock Court Motel.

We’re roughly 1800 miles into our journey and now we’re in the heart of the Mohave Desert.

Kingman is the county seat of Mohave County and is rich with Route 66 heritage, most notably the Arizona Route 66 Museum located in the Historic Powerhouse.

The Powerhouse was built in two phases between 1907 and 1911. Operated by the Desert Power and Light Company, the Powerhouse produced electric power for Kingman and the surrounding area beginning in 1909.

It also supplied electrical power for the construction of Hoover Dam until the dam site began producing hydro-electric power on its own in the late 1930s.

Shortly thereafter, the Powerhouse was taken offline and sat dormant until The Powerhouse Gang, a group of local volunteers and preservationists, began to convert the structure into a visitor center in 1997.

Another must-stop is Mr. D’z Diner, a roadside attraction built on Route 66 in the 1950s.

Built by prominent Kingman auto dealer Roy Dunton, the iconic burger joint is still in operation serving up classic drive-in fare for the Route 66 faithful.

The White Rock Court Motel traces its roots to around 1930 when it was built on Route 66 by Russian hard rock miner Conrad Minka.

The advertising copy on the back of the postcard notes the motel’s features to include central heating and cooling, 27 modern cabins, and convenient to marvelous hunting and fishing.

The motel also has the unique distinction of being the only motel in Kingman at the time to be listed in the Negro Travelers Green Book.

The old White Rock structure still stands at 843 Andy Devine Boulevard in old Kingman, right next door to the Arcadia Motor Lodge.

The roofline of the old motel office and the arched garages are easily identifiable on Google Streets View.

Sadly, like many historic structures along America’s Mother Road, the White Rock looks to have fallen into disrepair, awaiting the deft hands of a talented and deep-pocketed restoration-minded owner.

Next week we’re off to Barstow, California.

Stay tuned, we’re almost to our destination point— the Santa Monica Pier!

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