I’ll stand, thanks.

Recently, this patriotic, flag-waving news dog had an unfortunate experience with someone who, out of “protest,” chose not to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance in a public setting. The dog was saddened and angered at the disrespect shown not only to the flag, but about the example that was being set for the youth of today that were in attendance.

When asked why, we were told it was a protest of the worst of what America had been, the raping of lands, the breaking of treaties with indigenous peoples and the overall injustice of times past. Huh, really?

Well, apparently this individual thinks that America’s best days are behind her, otherwise they would stand for the Pledge and pledge their honor to be an agent of change, instead of someone who seems hopelessly mired in the past. What’s next, reparations payments?

This Dog disagrees. Like Ronald Reagan, this dog believes America’s best days are ahead of her. Like that shining city on a hill. Sit if you like, but just know if you sit for the pledge, you embrace everything you’re currently protesting. By not putting your hand over your heart and reciting those words, “I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the United States of America,” you’re resigned yourself to America not getting any better. You’ve resigned yourself to be content with the injustices of the past and to not be an agent of change for the good.

America might have problems and may face social issues like never before, but this dog believes that by standing and reciting the pledge of allegiance, with heart and gusto, you pledge to make a difference. You pledge to your country that you’re not satisfied with the status quo of the past, but pledge to make America better for coming generations.

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