Hope is not an effective means

Last week, newly-elected 3rd District Kansas City Councilwoman Melissa Robinson was quoted saying she “[hopes] the Council makes an informed decision” when it comes to the final vote on the KC Pet Project takeover of the city’s Animal Health and Public Safety Department.

Thought from the Dog: as the old adage goes, “hope is not an effective means.”

Hope is not a smart strategy when speaking of elected officials and informed decisions.

Last week, the City Council voted in a 9-3 majority to privatize the city’s Animal Control Department, merging operations with Kansas City Pet Project (KCPP) in their new, taxpayer-funded headquarters in Swope Park.

The vote Robinson is referring to is the final vote the Council will cast in terms of approving the outcome of the final negotiations currently underway between the city and KCPP.

Key in those negotiations are the futures of dozens of current Animal Control employees.

Robinson took time to embed with an Animal Control Officer to see exactly how they operate on a day-to-day basis.

The result of that day was recorded by Jessica Eley at Fox 4. Former Northeast News managing editor, Paul Thompson, did that as well in September 2017, embedding with Animal Control Officer Chris Harriman.

Both stories spotlighted the dedication Animal Control Officers have to safely carrying out their duties.

The pieces also told the story of the tenuous relationship and the lack of good faith in negotiations between the city, the Animal Control Department, and KCPP.

We here at the House of News covered in great detail, back in 2017, the friction that existed then between KCPP and the city’s Animal Control Department.

That relationship was strained at best two years ago and has continued to sour in terms of the department’s relationship with KCPP and the potential future of Animal Control employees moving forward with the organization.

Not much has changed since then and the proverbial can has just been kicked down the road until now.

While the city has stated they would protect current Animal Control worker’s jobs, current salaries and pensions, this Dog would note that negotiating with the city is like negotiating with a crocodile.

You know you’re going to get eaten, it’s just a matter of which body part gets eaten first.

Time and time again, this city has shown they cannot be trusted when it comes to keeping their word.

One look at the overturning of the public vote on streetcar extensions is all the proof you need on that front.

The current situation between KCPP and the Animal Control Department is no exception.

As noted above, hope is not an effective means.

Robinson’s quote, hoping for an “informed decision on the vote” equates to rose-colored glasses and naiveté.

The Dog is not optimistic about a favorable outcome.

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