History Erasing 101

You knew it was coming. It was just a matter of time until this statue removal business came to this Cowtown, and now it seems to have arrived with the slated removal of the United Daughters of the Confederacy monument at 55th and Ward Parkway.

Take it Down KC, a fringe-left scrum of human flotsam, sent a letter to the Parks Department noting they were “eager for the removal” of the monument that was erected in 1934 by Chapter 149 of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. Take It Down KC’s ransom note demands the statue’s removal by August 25th at 5pm. The memorial was vandalized Friday night by a tagger who spray painted in red, a hammer and sickle on the monument along with some illegible letters. We’ll let the irony of that set in for a minute. As a side-note, the Missouri Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy petitioned the Parks Department to remove the memorial to storage in order to prevent any further vandalism. No doubt this will be twisted by the Marchers and Protesters to fit their agenda.

Take it Down KC carried out a protest march on Sunday from J.C. Nichols Park over to the monument site. The group seeks to have the J.C. Nichols fountain renamed due to Nichols’ deed-restricted developments south of the Country Club Plaza in the early 1900s that prohibited people of color from owning property within the development’s confines. Using that paradigm, the next logical step is to demand the razing of every J.C. Nichols-built structure in the city, as they are a tacit monument that represents institutionalized racism. They’ll picket Plaza area dining establishments declaring anyone who eats at McCormick & Schmick’s is a racist and the entire building must be cleansed. Don’t laugh, it could happen.

Bunny the Northeast Newshound thinks it’s time everybody calm down, step back and take a breath. Just because you’re offended by something – least of all an inanimate limestone object – doesn’t mean said object, statue or monument has to be removed or reduced to rubble just to make you feel good about yourself. Under that flawed logic, every statue and monument in America would have to be removed because it’s offensive to someone or represents some horrible snippet of time in America’s great and storied history.

How about instead of erasing history, we try and learn and grow from it in order to not duplicate the racism and hatred that was so widely accepted as the norm during the Jim Crow years? This Dog isn’t going to sit idle while the fringe left or the fringe right dictate the history of this great land or this fine city. The vast majority of citizens in this country abhor racism and all that it represents despite what the vocal and oft-violent fringe might have you believe. While this Dog was no fan of President Barack Obama’s policies, one of his standby comments rings true in these cases: “That’s just not who we are. We’re better than that.”

And as Americans, we most certainly are.

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