Happy New Year!

With the new year upon us, this critically-thinking NewsDog would like to offer some insight for the upcoming year here at the House of News.

We’ve had a number of conversations over the last few months about our approach to covering news in the community, or should we say communities we serve. While the Dog will still offer straight-up thinking on local government issues, you might look for a different tack in the way we deliver our product to our readers and consumers.
As we note in this week’s Northeast Chamber of Commerce Business Leaders page, we’ll be exploring more partnership opportunities within our community as well as branching out into some of the other communities within Kansas City’s Urban Core.

This means some expanded coverage as well as developing new partnerships with various communities in the Historic Northeast and beyond.

A perfect example of this will be the upcoming Kansas City Mayoral Forum on Saturday January 26th at Northeast High School. The forum is jointly sponsored by The Northeast News, The Northeast Chamber of Commerce, OneKCRadio and The Mattie Rhodes Center.

The forum will be broadcast live on OneKCRadio and The Northeast News will be doing a Facebook live event and taking questions online from listeners and social media followers.

We’ll also be looking to you, our readers, for ways we can not only improve our news coverage and delivery, but also better cover the issues facing the Historic Northeast community on a daily basis.

For the record, this is the first time in twenty years that 100 percent of Northeast News team members live within the Historic Northeast community. This NewsDog is pretty tickled about that to say the least.

The NewsDog wishes all of our readers will have a safe and prosperous new year. We look forward to continuing to bring you news and items of interest from throughout Kansas City’s urban core.

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