Guy Fieri brings Flavortown to Kansas City

Johanna Pounds
Editorial Assistant
Northeast News

Guy Fieri’s new downtown “Dive and Taco Joint” opened Thursday, Feb. 21, and lines wrapped around both sides of the building.

Fieri is no stranger to Kansas City. He has visited several local “dives” over the past few years, including Johnny’s Bar-B-Q, Pot Pie, and The Brick. Perhaps he was eyeing up his competition, or maybe he admired the local fare so much he decided to put his own mark on this wonderful city.

It is an understatement to say that Fieri has a large following. His coined phrase “flavortown” has taken the world by storm, and now he has been dubbed the “Mayor of Flavortown” through various circles and generations.

In line, the crowd was buzzing. Men, women, young, and old were gathered to be the first to enter the new restaurant.

“I am excited to take a trip to Flavortown,” said one young man, “but I was really hoping to see the mayor himself.”

Another said, “The line is long, but you do what you have to for Lord Fieri.”

Inside was even busier than outside. The entire bar and every table was packed, and a line wrapped around the restaurant to the front of the bar to order food. Despite the busy crowd, the food arrived promptly.

The employees were incredibly courteous despite being overwhelmed, and the food was great.

The menu includes seven different varieties of tacos, $10 for 3, seven other entrees including “Trash Can Nachos,” and the “Really Cheesy Quesadilla,” and four sides, including “Mexican Street Corn Salad”.

Although not necessarily authentic, The Dive and Taco Joint is a great reason to visit the Power and Light District.

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