The good, the bad, and the ugly

Some worthy tidbits for this week, Good, Bad and Ugly.

On the Good side, this community journalism-minded canine would like to put a shout out to State Representative Ingrid Burnett for her strong advocacy for our neighborhood news source.

Last year when the State Treasurer and the State Press Association declined to put Unclaimed Property ads in the Northeast News, Representative Burnett took it upon herself to pay for an Unclaimed Property ad out of her own budget so Northeast residents would know where to look if they were due any property, (read cash,) from the state. This past week Burnett made quite the pain of herself to the Treasurer’s Office and MO Press Officials asking why all the unclaimed property ads fell to the big, major daily papers like The Star and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Representative Burnett apparently advocated so strongly she was actually cut off by a committee chair when she pressed “too hard” for ads to be placed in community newspapers. That’s the kind of advocacy that’s been a breath of fresh air from the freshman Representative from Northeast.

Thanks to Representative Burnett’s action, Northeast residents will only have to open their Northeast News this spring to see if they have any unclaimed property with the state. The Dog says thank you, Rep. Burnett, for your community journalism advocacy.

Then there’s the Bad-

There was a day when former Jackson County Executive and Prosecutor Mike Sanders was thought of as Hall of Fame material. The North Kansas City School District must have thought the rising Democrat star was worthy, as well. Sanders, a 1985 Winnetonka High School graduate, was inducted into the Winnetonka High School Alumni Hall of Fame in the early 2000s, complete with a picture along with the rest of the Griffin HOF members, prominently displayed in the Winnetonka High School commons area.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. The Dog guesses last week’s guilty plea by Sanders in federal court pushed the District over the edge. Sanders’ picture has since been removed from the ring of honor at Winnetonka High School and his Hall of Fame Bio entry has been scratched from the school district’s web site, leaving a glaring gap in the entries.. Almost like that scene from Cecil B.DeMille’s Ten Commandments, where Pharaoh dramatically states: “Let the name of Moses be stricken from every book and tablet. From every pylon and obelisk…” You get the picture.

And the Ugly-

Speaking for itself, the hulking structure at 3611 Roberts,  would probably have tumbled in a good windstorm. Here’s to the demo contractor finally getting off the dime by getting this blighting excrement-hole down before an errant child fell in to the gaping foundation, never to be heard from again.

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