The glasswork of Northeast artist Bryan Clark

Johanna Pounds
Editorial Assistant
Northeast News

Bryan Clark, a glass work artist, has been living in the Historic Northeast community with his wife since 2009. A good friend and fellow artist, Héctor Casanova, suggested the area to the couple, who were sold immediately by the historic homes.

After ten years, Clark and his wife have settled down comfortably with their daughter and five cats. They have become an integral part in the close-knit artist community that has grown in this area.

Originally from Virginia, Clark first started doing glass work when he was sixteen years old. A self-proclaimed outcast at the time, Clark had green hair and loved to skateboard. He also had a deep interest in mathematics and planned to become an engineer.

In an effort to make some money as a teenager, Clark did odd jobs and was hired to do some yard work by a glassworker. The man who hired him offered to teach him the technique of glasswork and Clark said his passion grew from there.

“He leaned over to me one day and just said ‘Hey Bryan, you could be a glass worker. Do you want me to teach you how to do it?’ and I just was like, ‘uh, sure, but I am going to be an engineer one day,” said Clark.
Instead of becoming an engineer, Clark fell in love with creating glass pieces. He traveled around New England for two years, creating art and helping other glass artists.

After two years in New England, he attended the Rhode Island School of Design. This is where Clark said he mastered his technique.

Now, he makes a variety of intricate glassworks, including complex water pipes, pendants, and glass marbles. His glass marbles have recently gained popularity.

Each piece Clark creates requires hours over a flame to make each piece as perfect as the next, and there’s always a chance that one might crack. Clark can even put portraits in his marbles and pendants, which makes each piece even more complex. However, Clark said he considers each hour worth it, and he is proud of all the work he creates.

Clark wears one of his own pendants around his neck, one he had created to sell but had cracks in it.
“It’s still a beautiful piece, but because of the cracks beneath the surface, it’s not sellable.”
He and several other glass artists will be showcasing some of their work at the 420 Canabrew Art Show on April 20th and 21st. The art show and competition will be held at Brewery Imperial on Oak Street.
To learn more about Clark and his work, visit and

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