Faces of Northeast: Chavos & Garry Buycks

Garry and Chavos have lived in Lykins neighborhood for about seven years. After both working in corporate America for years, they both decided to quit their jobs and pursue their passions.

Garry is the founder of MYG Consulting and offers videography, consulting, and various content creation.

Chavos is the ultimate creativepreneur. She runs her own publishing company, is an author, podcast host, fashion designer, and graphic designer.

They are active members of Victory Temple Christian Life Center and recently held a summer program called the Creative Academy for young people in the community.

The 8-week program aims to expose young people to the arts in a way that they may not get at school.

The students learned about film, photography, writing, drama, fashion, jewelry making, and other arts from creative professionals.

“Our hope is for the academy to grow but also to empower young people to be creative and know that it doesn’t just have to be a hobby,” said Chavos. “You can make a living doing what you love. We are hoping to empower more young people through the academy, to equip them and take that skill and do something they love to do.”

Garry said he hopes the academy encourages young people to express themselves and understand that they each have a purpose.

“Wherever young people are, there is an opportunity for them to be exposed to things that they may have never seen,” he said.

They both said they have fallen in love with the community and hope to become more engaged in their neighborhood.

“I love the diversity of the Northeast area,” said Chavos. “In our neighborhood, there are so many different ethnicities. Where else can you go and see that? I love that. There are so many different groups and all types on my block. It’s fun and it’s something I look forward to everyday.”

“I like the location. It’s easy for me to get access to any part of the city,” said Garry. “I also love to ride my bicycle, so I love Cliff Drive, the parks, riding down Benton, 12th Street, and I love the fact that I have the freedom to ride my bike and feel safe doing it.”

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