Children at Children’s Choice, Too share their thoughts about their favorite teacher


Children at Children’s Choice, Too share their thoughts about their favorite teacher, and there is a clear winner…

“My favorite teacher is Miss Vonnie because she’s really nice and she taught me how to write my name and Abe’s Ms. Vonnie taught me how to be nice and make friends. I love you Miss Vonnie!”
-Star, age 8

“Miss Vonnie, you’re the best teacher. You take me outside.”
-Donovan, age 5

“Miss Kristy because she’s the best.”
-Layla and Ariel, age 5

“Miss Vonnie, I love you and I’ll miss you.”
–Giana, age 5

“Miss  Vonnie, because I love you and because you’re the best teacher. I learned the pledge to the flag, colors, numbers, ABCs and shapes.”
-Evangelique, age 5

“Miss Vonnie, because I love you! You colored with us, took us outside and you’re the best teacher.”
-Eliana, age 5

“Miss Vonnie, I love you and want to go to your house.”
-Valerie, age 4

“I love Miss Vonnie. We color with her. We use markers, She taught me ABCs.”
-Bella Donna, age 5

“Miss Liz is my best teacher. She brings me outside and lets me play inside.”
-Mesii, age 6


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