Braggin’ Rights

It’s that time of year again when newspapers from across the state of Missouri get to return home from the annual Missouri Press Association convention, hopefully with some brass in their hands in the form of awards for excellence in news gathering and presentation. Once again this Newshound is proud to say your hometown community news source was privy to some of that brass and we’re tickled pink to share that with our readers.

Garnering Honorable Mentions this year were political satirist Bryan Stalder for his cartoon on Fake News. Publisher Michael Bushnell also scored an HM with a Postcard on the Burlington Zephyr trains entitled “Polished Beauty Rode the Rails.” Third place honors in the Best Photo Package category went to Managing Editor Paul Thompson and former Art Director Kirstie Mulligan for a July 2016 on the CORO clean up. Third place honors also went to Publisher Michael Bushnell in the Community Service category for the fallen Firefighter memorial honoring local firefighter heroes John Mesh and Larry Leggio. Bushnell also scored a second place award in the Best News or Feature Obituary in a piece honoring local BBQ legend Jerry Knight.

Capturing First Place honors again this year in the Editorial Cartoon category, current Northeast News Art and Creative Director Bryan Stalder for a cartoon entitled “Intercontinental Blight” lampooning the folly of a high-dollar hotel being declared blighted in order to secure tax breaks for renovation.

Thanks to all of our loyal readers and advertisers who continue to make this community news source one of the best in the city. Tip o the Doggie hat to ye!

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