Beau Bledsoe: Bringing Spain to Kansas City

Beau Bledsoe, pictured left, performing with Ensemble Iberica at Kansas City’s Open Spaces event at Swope Park in October 2018. Photo by Bryan Stalder

Reese Bentzinger
Editorial Assistant
Northeast News

Bright, joyful music coming from delicate guitar strings that inspires lively dancing: this is the world of flamenco, a culture that guitarist Beau Bledsoe is proud to be part of.

Having played the guitar since childhood, Bledsoe channels the music from Spanish and Portuguese speaking cultures when it comes to his music.
“I try and pull from those sources,” said Bledsoe.

For the guitarist, providing music to accompany the flamenco dance is a highlight of his work.

However it’s not the only part of it, as he can be found performing around the city, including in the Northeast Arts KC Summer Dusk concert series.
Bledsoe has lived in the Historic Northeast for around 15 years, one of many artist who has claimed this area as home. He believes that the ‘different vibe’ of the area makes it all the more a haven to artists such as himself.

“It’s a very supportive area, musically,” he said of the Kansas City’s Historic Northeast.

If you dream of taking a trip to Peru or Spain without boarding a plane, be sure to be on the lookout for Bledsoe at a local music venue. On November 9 he will be performing with Ensemble Iberica at the “Taste of Portugal” at KC Culinary Center at 8 p.m.

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