Armor up, teachers

Last week another school was shot up by some whack job with voices in his head that told him to do evil things. The bodies of the 17 victims weren’t even off school grounds before the Liberal spin machines started cranking out the talking points on why every legal gun owner in America had the blood of these children on their hands.

We’re not even going to justify those ridiculous rants with a response. Let’s also keep in mind that despite the fact this animal was already on the FBI’s radar, they failed to act on calls placed to their field office, as well as over 35 calls for service placed to the County Sheriff’s office in regards to this individual over the past year. Guess all that propaganda they released after the San Bernardino shooting – urging citizens if you see something, say something – went right out the window. A perfect example of how government failed the very people it was designed to protect.

This dog, however, thinks its high time for teachers in schools to carry concealed weapons in order to put a stop to these tragic events.

This safety-minded canine has espoused for years that school districts should ask teachers in each of their buildings which ones would like to carry concealed weapons. Those that wish to do so would be put through an abbreviated and certified law enforcement training course or an urban live shooter training class such as those offered by Strategos International in Grandview. Upon successful completion of the course requirements, those teachers would then be deployed back to their schools in their regular teaching positions. The Metropolitan Community College at Blue River already offers Law Enforcement certification classes and could offer a discounted tuition rate to school districts sending teachers for tactical training classes. This News-dog thinks the districts should pick up the tab, frankly, given the circumstances.

School districts would then be required to disclose to local Police agencies who in the building had completed the certified training to carry a concealed weapon. That information could be classified from the general public. That way, schools would have people in the building trained in urban live shooter tactics and be in a position to stop or greatly reduce the carnage. These designated individuals could also render assistance to the School Resource Officer in situations where additional trained personnel would be needed. Designated carriers could receive an additional stipend, much like athletic coaches. Certification could be renewed annually or every two years, but would be required much like Law Enforcement training certifications.

In 2013, according to the Council of State Governments, 33 states including Missouri and Kansas introduced legislation to allow teachers to carry on campus. Of the more than 80 bills introduced, seven states including Kansas passed legislation allowing teachers to carry in school.

While there’s no perfect solution to completely eliminate mass casualty events, such as what occurred in Florida last week, this pooch thinks that if that heroic Football coach who paid the ultimate sacrifice last week protecting his students from gunfire had a weapon, he would have been in a position to eliminate the threat and greatly reduce the carnage.

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