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By Michael G. Bushnell

Now in its second printing, Historic Postcards from Old Kansas City showcases the local history behind over 50 fascinating old postcards.

Historic Postcards from Old Kansas City is a virtual primer on early 20th century businesses and lifestyles.

Bushnell, publisher of The Northeast News, an award winning weekly community newspaper serving the Historic Northeast area of Kansas City, collects historic Kansas City postcards and has highlighted them for several years as a weekly feature in his newspaper. This book offers a glimpse into a portion of his vast postcard collection, and enlightens today’s reader on such bygone local attractions as Winnwood Beach, the Omar Lounge, Electric Park, the Westgate Hotel, Municipal Stadium and Convention Hall, in addition to old-time views of Union Station, Cliff Drive, Penn Valley Park, the Liberty Memorial, and Kansas City’s Missouri Riverfront.

Each two-page spread features a single historic postcard with accompanying text giving an overview of the scene, an update on its current status, and a transcription of any message written on the back of each card, such as this one from a 1921 postcard depicting the Inter-City Viaduct:

Dear Uncle Frank,

Headed home to K.C. I bet you play on this viaduct! There aren’t any walls on it, so men are unrestricted. I will write you a real letter soon. I have to go do my French now, so this is short and happy.

Love, your niece,

Eloise Bierly

A charming re-creation of days gone by, Historic Postcards from Old Kansas City provides informative historic trivia in a charming, readable format. An invaluable reference for postcard collectors, history buffs, and anyone interested in Kansas City history, Historic Postcards of Old Kansas City is the perfect gift for book lovers of all ages.

Available at selected bookstores and gift shops throughout the Kansas City metro area.


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Available at Rainy Day Books, The Kansas City Museum, Union Station, WWI National Museum, Watkins Mill, Battle of Lexington Historic Site and Thomas Hart Benton Home Historic Site.