Chief’s Forum

Now is your chance to get involved. If you’re concerned about the ratcheting upward murder rate in this Cowtown, now is your chance to quiz the two Police Chief Candidates about just what their plans are to make our neighborhoods safer. Historic Northeast isn’t immune to this, given two homicides occurred here in our community Friday night; one at the car wash at Independence and Topping and another in the 3800 block of East 6th Street. While the Mayor might boast that under his leadership the KCPD budget has increased annually, that doesn’t account for the stark lack of officers on the street these days to address daily calls for service.

The Dog isn’t going to debate public safety today. The Dog will, however, urge you to attend the candidates’ forum this Thursday night at Police Headquarters and submit questions to your potential new Police Chief. Our favorite is Major Rick Smith,who is familiar with all levels of the department and has command experience that includes two patrol bureaus as well as the city’s NoVA project. The forum will be this Thursday evening from 6-8 p.m. in the Community Room at Police Headquarters downtown. Per a Department directive, questions must be received prior to the meeting. Questions may be emailed to BOPC Secretary David Kenner at or BOPC President Leland Shurin at

If you don’t bother to participate or keep track of the outcome of this highly important community forum, then we’ll not be paying you any mind when you vent on social media about the crime rate.

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