Letter to the Editor: Heartland Tree Alliance

Northeast News
February 8, 2017
We are working hard in the NE, going door to door in residential areas within both Indian Mound and Lykins, encouraging residents to adopt our free street trees. All a homeowner or renter needs to do is be willing to water the tree for two years, then we organize educational, volunteer work days to plant the trees come spring.
Our goal is to plant 100+ trees in Indian Mound and Lykins this March/April. We’ve already planted 40+ in Scarritt Renaissance this past fall. We are urban tree planters. Our goals: improve the urban forest cover and diversity of KCMO, educate residents to be tree-keepers, and propagate practical tree benefits for all.
The details: our partnership with the city of KCMO has put us to work planting trees in Right-of-Way (ROW) areas for any resident who has a ROW big enough to plant in (AT LEAST A 5×5 FEET AREA). When a resident agrees to water the tree for two years after the planting date, they qualify to receive a FREE tree at their residence.
We have already planted nearly 150 trees in the Scarritt, Ivanhoe, and Blue Hills neighborhoods this fall. You may have seen our trees – the street trees with the funky green ‘gator’ bags at the base.
There are 350+ trees to plant this spring, and we are now starting to focus on a few tree-needy and resident-willing neighborhoods in the urban core on a first come, first serve basis.
We would love to partner with any neighborhoods, and we are more than willing to follow-up with any interested residents or community groups, speaking with them individually or at any relevant community events (i.e. any neighborhood association meetings).

Matthew VanderMolen
Heartland Tree Alliance Program Associate

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