Letter the Editor: We do not approve of last week’s cartoon

Northeast News
November 23, 2016

Dear Editor & Publisher:
We do appreciate edgy political cartoons that present a point of view, whether we agree or not. BUT, the Stalder “cartoon” published in the Northeast News of November 16 was not that. We feel it was deeply offensive and belittling in at least two respects.
First, the “little woman crybaby.” No one could miss the crude and misogynistic statements by the incoming president during and revealed by the campaign. It is not at all unreasonable to understand that our aspiring young women, homemakers, and working and professional women might feel uneasy about their roles and voices in our society. That someone would portray their feelings as “crybaby” is beyond our ethical understanding!
Second, there is the safety pin. It has recently become a symbol of the personal statement, “You may feel safe in my presence. I will not pre-judge you or fear you because you are different in color, nationality, dress, gender, or religion than I.” If Stalder actually intended to belittle that gesture, we are sorry for him.
Additionally, there is the young man of color in the “cartoon.” Thankfully, he is not belittled. Unfortunately, he is the one doing the belittling! Not a flattering image. That character, whomever he is intended to represent, should be deeply troubled by Mr. Trump’s appointment of Stephen Bannon as his chief strategist and senior counselor. Bannon has undeniably very close ties to white nationalist and other blatantly racist organizations. Men of color, women of color, children of color should all be more than uneasy about Bannon’s influence.
We believe the Northeast News to be a valuable and valued unifying force in our diverse community; and we are puzzled that this cruel and insensitive piece was allowed to appear.
David & Dr. Elaine Joslyn

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