Letter to the Editor: Leggio needs a memorial scholarship too

Northeast News
July 27, 2016

Dear Editor,

On October 12, 2015, my two friends Larry Leggio and John Mesh were killed fighting a fire on Independence Ave. and Prospect. A Memorial Scholarship was set up for John Mesh. I also believe that a Memorial Scholarship should be set up in memory of Larry Leggio.

Larry was an outstanding man who loved to go bike riding with his friends, and loved to go to sporting events like Royals and Chiefs games as well. But Larry Leggio’s passion was being a firefighter, just like his father, the late Angelo Leggio. Larry always wanted to be like his father. Larry joined the fire service in May of 1998. As a firefighter he was assigned to Fire Station #23 on C Shift, on Hook and Ladder #10. Later on during his career in the fire service, he was promoted to Fire Apparatus Operator (FAO) and worked on Truck #2, nicknamed ‘The Deuce’, after the station Larry was assigned to work at.

A Memorial Scholarship in Larry’s honor would be a fitting tribute. I haven’t talked to the firefighters at Station #17, the station that Larry was assigned to. If this Memorial Scholarship does come about, though, I am in with the men of Station #17 all the way. I will give a sum of money; not much, but I will donate what I can. I just feel like it should be looked into by all the firefighting force, and the firefighter’s Local #42 as well.

“Walking” Charlie Aiello

Firefighter/paramedic’s friend

Northeast KC

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