Citizen Satisfaction Survey results reveal major improvements

Posted August 14, 2014 at 4:30 pm

Northeast News
Aug. 14, 2014

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — The overall imagine of the Kansas City, Mo., is improving.

At least that’s what residents said in a recent citywide survey. On Thursday morning, Mayor Sly James and city manager Troy Schulte unveiled the city’s 2013-14 Citizen Satisfaction Survey results during its Big 20 event. The survey results show statistically significant improvements in 61 categories, including resident satisfaction with the “overall image of the city,” which has increased 20 percentage points over the past four years.

Mayor Sly James announces at the results of a citywide survey. Submitted photo.

Mayor Sly James announces at the results of a citywide survey. Submitted photo.

This year’s survey, which was administered between July 2013 and May 2014, revealed statistically significant improvements in 61 categories, no change in 30 categories and a decline in seven categories. Report highlights include:

- City communications, the 311 Call Center and the Health Department received the most statistically significant improvements.

- Satisfaction with the quality of city services improved to 56 percent and now exceeds the national benchmark of 50 percent for cities with 250,000 or more residents.

- Satisfaction with snow removal on major and residential streets now exceeds the national benchmark for large cities.

- Satisfaction with the visibility of police in neighborhoods improved four percentage points.

- Eighty six percent of residents said they will be living in Kansas City five years from now.

In a press release, James said satisfaction with Kansas City’s image is at its highest level since the city began the survey in 2005. He added the results show the hard work city employees have contributed and its pay-off.

The city celebrated improvement by recreating 20 posters illustrating emails, tweets and letters that the city has received from residents, thanking the city and its employees for exceptional service. The city’s performance management team presented the complete survey results to the City Council during its business session.

The annual Citizen Satisfaction Survey asks residents to rate the city, providing leaders with input on what is being well and what needs to be improved. Officials then use this information to better allocate resources.

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