Shall not be infringed…

Posted July 29, 2014 at 11:00 pm

Northeast News
July, 30, 2014

Once again the Mayor of our fair city, followed blindly by the City Council is attempting a high handed gun grab and this CCW carryin’ pooch is none too pleased.

Last week, the Mayor lobbied heavily at the city’s Public Safety Committee meeting that he’d like to see open carry banned in Kansas City, Mo. The city is not a battleground he said. Using fear mongering, inflammatory language like this little gem: “How much would you shop at the Plaza if you walk down there and every third person has a rifle on their back?” Really Mr. Mayor? Such language does three things; 1: It curries favor with the East Side Pastoral community, 2: it infers that anyone with a differing opinion is a gun-toting whacko and 3: it’s just flat insane to mutter such idiocies.

Here are some little factoids for the Mayor and the Council people who are blindly following this ignorant lead. The city’s urban core is indeed a battleground. The city’s police force is largely understaffed and reactionary in nature to calls for service, often being “blacked out,” with no officers available to respond to a potential crime scene. This newsdog is certain that this high minded edict will make every criminal in the city do their civic duty and lay down their arms in response. NOT!!

This news writin’ canine lives by the adage that when seconds count, a good cop is minutes away.

Mr. Mayor, when was the last time you saw a criminal openly carry a firearm? I’m not counting when its aimed (poorly) out the window of a moving vehicle, slingin’ ordinance downrange.

Maybe if the Mayor and the Prosecuting Attorney got together and actually prosecuted some of these criminal animals, and they are animals, maybe the streets of this fair city would be a little safer.

Until then, this lil doggie will continue to carry on – open or otherwise.