Where’s the outrage?

Posted July 15, 2014 at 11:00 pm

Northeast News
July 16, 2014

When Cabin Rock Investments began to work with the Kansas City Planning and Zoning Department about two years ago with the intent to turn a vine choked, overgrown vacant lot at Sixth and Chestnut in to a thriving, national auto parts retailer, the “walk friendly international marketplace” crowd squalled like a stuck pig!

So much was the uproar that they cost the developer, as well as the retailer a good chunk of change in attorney’s fees, as well as lost revenue from not being open. Eighteen months passed and not a spade of dirt was turned. The project ultimately passed and is finally under way.

But what of the old Dairy Queen almost right next door to the new Auto Zone project that now boasts some horrific yellow paint and has all the earmarks of a cheap, buy here, pay here, used car lot. Where are the shrieks of non-conformance with the Avenue’s grand plan? Where are the “walkable neighborhood” types now? Will someone explain to this news-dog how this operation is in conformance with the “International marketplace” that has so long been in the plans.

Crickets. This dirt kickin’ news-dog is crying foul. After the Auto Zone developer was literally bent over by the walkable neighbor types, maybe these same folks can school this news-dog on how some place called Car Cheap will benefit the “walkable, International Marketplace” on Independence Avenue. Yep. Crickets. Guess it’s all about pickin’ your battles, huh?