Youth Conference helps clean-up Cliff Drive

Posted July 11, 2014 at 9:47 am

Joe Jarosz
Northeast News
July 11, 2014

Mounds of trash were collected over the past week by members of a National Youth Conference.

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Over the past week, 5,300 young adults spent time in Kansas City, Mo. completing service projects.

One project included cleaning Cliff Drive. Not all the young adults spent time along Cliff Drive, roughly 900 over the four-day project, but enough lent a hand to leave an impact.

According to Brett Shoffner, executive director of the Cliff Drive Corridor Management Committee, the four-day clean-up totals are: over 3,000 bags of trash, over 2,700 tires, one acre of invasive honeysuckle eradicated, plus about 20 truck loads of other trash such as car bumpers, tv’s, mattresses, wood flooring and stuffed animals.

“They did absolutely amazing work,” Shoffner said.

Look for more on this story, including quotes from those involved in the conference and more from Brett Shoffner, in next week’s edition.



Numerous volunteers commented on how amazed they were about how much garbage they were cleaning up along Cliff Drive.