Letter to the Editor: Reoccurring problems

Posted July 8, 2014 at 11:00 pm

Northeast News
July 9, 2014

Dear Editor,

We have lived in Northeast for 19 years and are so frustrated that we are about ready to move. We have had to keep our big dogs in for the last week because they are afraid of the fireworks and gun shots.

Again tonight people? This is July 6th already. One of the dogs isn’t house trained, so I have to coax him out and stay with him, but it’s not a good thing when I wake up and he has marked his spot on my fridge.

Also the prostitute problem has been going on for years. Evidently these once-in-awhile stings aren’t doing any good. It’s not any fun being out in the yard with your kids with prostitutes hanging out on the corner. What does it take to get rid of these problems? The hell if I know, people around here are a bunch of idiots as far as I’m concerned and it is not even safe to walk down the street.

C. Schmidt

Northeast Resident