This is not the chain link you’re looking for

Posted July 8, 2014 at 11:00 pm

Northeast News
July 9, 2014

Well this newshound knows when we get it wrong and we got it wrong!

Last week we ran a news story about the city’s Landmarks Commission decision to not hear the Pendleton Heights Neighborhood appeal on a case involving the new Scuola Vita Nuova project’s use of chain link fence in a historic district. If you’ve been following in your programs you’ll know that the Landmarks Commission found that chain link fence was in fact appropriate for use in a historic district.

As a companion to that story, we ran a front page photograph showing the temporary construction fence that the contractor erected around the Scuola Vita Nuova property. Well this little doggie is setting the record straight. The fence in the picture isn’t the final product. The pictured fence is temporary and is designed to cordon off the construction project from the community at large.

According to the developer, a new chain link fence will be constructed around the property upon completion of the project.  While this preservation minded pooch disagrees vehemently with the Landmarks Commission’s decision that chain link meets Department of Interior standards in a certified historic district, know that the fence in the picture we ran won’t be the final product.