Cue the Crickets

Posted May 6, 2014 at 11:00 pm

Northeast News
May 7, 2014

Another violent weekend in the Cowtown and this ‘lil newsdog is wondering where Aim4Peace has been in the aftermath of all the violence. One shooting in the Northeast area over the weekend that resulted in a homicide as well as a homicide at Independence and Topping Avenues last week and this crafty canine wonders where the taxpayer funded, anti-violence goons from Aim4Peace are.


This ‘lil doggie gets around this neighborhood and I’ve seen absolutely nothing. No free hot dogs, no interventions, no leaflets. Nothing! Your tax dollars at work folks. As much as this conservative canine opposes Aim4Peace, it is, at the end of the day, a taxpayer funded organization with the mission to deter violence through interventions (and free hot dogs and T-shirts).

More crickets.

Defund Aim4Peace now. This bunch isn’t worth a tenth of the funding they somehow manage to finagle from the city budget. No more peacenik flash mobs, no more free hot dogs and best of all, no more parading through neighborhoods scaring the jeepers out of area residents. Local anti-crime dude Alonzo Washington has it right. If Aim4Peace was so darned effective, why aren’t they on the Plaza on Saturday nights, passin’ out propaganda and fixing the violent teen flash mobs?

They’re not out because there’s nothing they can do to prevent the flash mobs that erupt almost every weekend on the Plaza. The sad fact is the mobs will continue until parents start parenting. Aim4Peace aren’t at murder scenes because the damage has already been done. Maybe instead of funding do-nothing groups and midnight basketball programs, try holding some of the parental units of these thugs responsible for the actions of their ne’er do well, spawn-of-satan offspring. Maybe if ma and pa spend a couple nights in the pokey due to junior’s actions, things may get a little better around here. We’re not holdin’ our breath.