Missouri Attorney General obtains preliminary injunction against Northeast Auto Shop

Posted April 30, 2014 at 12:45 pm

Northeast News
April 29, 2014

JEFFERSON CITY, Missouri – Attorney General Chris Koster announced that he has obtained a preliminary injunction in Jackson County Circuit Court against Amado and Alfredo Navarro, the owners of Clark’s Automotive, 4800 E. 12th St.

Koster’s office showed that Clark’s Automotive advertised and sold stolen vehicles to Missouri consumers and resold vehicles with active liens for scrap metal, defrauding the vehicles’ creditors. The preliminary injunction order prevents Clark’s Automotive from selling, advertising, or transferring motor vehicles within Missouri. It also prevents the shop from disposing of or selling for scrap metal any motor vehicle.

Koster filed suit against the business owners on April 2, 2014. In addition to the injunction, Koster is seeking restitution for consumers, civil penalties and court costs. In a press release, Koster said his office stands to protect Missourians from “fraudulent dealers selling stolen vehicles.”

The investigation and lawsuit against Clark’s Automotive was the result of a joint effort by the Missouri Attorney General’s Office, the Kansas City Police Department, the Missouri Department of Revenue, and the Missouri State Highway Patrol. Any consumer who conducted business with Clark’s Automotive and has a concern can file a complaint with the Attorney General’s office at 800-392-8222 or online at ago.mo.gov.

Koster noted there are steps consumers can take before buying previously owned vehicles to make sure the sale is legitimate. Those steps include:

  • Research the vehicle’s history. Ask the seller for details concerning past owners, use, and maintenance.
  • Contact the Motor Vehicle Division of the Missouri Department of Revenue for the car’s title history.
  • Examine the dealer’s documents carefully.
  • Talk to the previous owners.
  • Determine the value of the vehicle before negotiating the purchase. The value can be researched through the National Automobile Dealers Association’s Guides, Edmunds, and Kelley Blue Book.
  • Do not leave the lot without a proper certificate of title and bill of sale for the vehicle.