Chalk Walk 2014

Posted April 29, 2014 at 11:00 pm

Shane Johnson, of Grandview, begins his work of an ant getting crushed by a business card. Joe Jarosz


Members from the Country Club Christian Church created a cave that split into two paths; an easy path that lead to darkness and a tougher path that lead to light and the end. Joe Jarosz

Northeast News
April 30, 2014

Walk chalk. On April 26, as artists battled the elements, chalk battled its natural enemy, rain. Despite the down pour, which cut short the sidewalk art festivities short a day, artists came out and colored the sidewalks around the Kansas City Museum while it was dry. Pictured above, Johnson, who has been drawing since he was two-years old and lives for chalk drawings, said the rain actually helps because it blends the colors together better. His goal with the piece was to make it 3D looking, “like the ant is trying to escape from the card.”


Arian Gimbutas and his daughter Eliza take advantage of their sidewalk space during last weekend’s Chalk Walk. Arian said when he creates art, he doesn’t like to stay married to an idea. Joe Jarosz