Letter to the Editor: The Airing of grievances

Posted April 29, 2014 at 11:00 pm

April 30, 2014

Dear Editor:

My child attends the Paseo Academy Of Performing Arts in Kansas City, Mo. They are currently in the three week process of taking the M.A.P. test. They have reported to me that for three hours a day, they have to go to an assigned classroom for the testing.

In my child’s case that classroom is room number 327, which is on the third floor of the facility.  This room has no windows.  My child reports the air conditioning has not been turned on, but that the room is extremely hot, no air circulation, no fans, nothing.  My child reports the teacher of that room has reported the issue repeatedly, but the situation has not been addressed.  My child is one who takes their learning seriously, always putting forth their best effort to succeed.  How does anyone expect any student to do well on the M.A.P. test in conditions like these? 

The situation need to be remedied. The school needs to, at the very least, get air circulation going on that third floor for every room that is participating in the testing.  Otherwise, it just comes across as setting these students up to fail.

Bud Stevens

Historic Northeast