Letter to the Editor: The little streetcar that could

Northeast News
April 23, 2014

Five hundred million to build eight miles of streetcar line. Huh? Let’s see, that’s roughly $1,000 per inch.

We used to have streetcars in this city. They took them out of service many years ago and replaced them with more modern forms of transportation. Buses! The new streetcars must be far more advanced than the old ones were. They probably run silent, no overhead ugly powerlines and computer controlled.

I just can’t wait to ride one. Well, maybe not, as my house is east of Benton Boulevard, as is most of the Northeast. No problem, though, I can take a bus up to Benton to catch the ultra modern little buggies.

This will surely be a day to remember in gaining progress of the great city. Look out San Fransisco!

PS. I can go on about this terrible decision but I can’t stop laughing. Seriously, is this some kind of joke? A Sly joke?

Larry Philips, St. Joseph, Mo.