Could one of four Family Dollar stores in NEKC soon close?

Posted April 11, 2014 at 9:02 am

Joe Jarosz
Northeast News
April 11, 2014

KANSAS CITY, Missouri – With four stores in the Northeast area, the fate of several Family Dollar stores in up in the air.

On Thursday, Family Dollar Stores, a discount retailer, announced it will close around 370 underperforming stores, cut jobs and slash prices. The cuts are in response to falling sales and business disruptions caused by bad winter weather.

The retailer currently has around 8,100 stores in the United States. The four stores in northeast Kansas City are located at 6003 Independence Ave., 5900 Wilson Road., 634 Prospect Ave. and 4601 E Truman Road.

Family Dollar spokeswoman Bryn Winburn said the company is in the process of determining which stores will be closed. How many jobs will be affected or a timeline for the closures has not yet been announced.

“The company is working to finalize the store closure plan and will disclose information on impacted locations at the appropriate time,” Winburn said.