Zoo violence poor excuse for gun grab

Posted March 25, 2014 at 11:00 pm

Northeast News
March 26, 2014

Well, the Mayor, the Chief of Police and some left leaning Kansas City Star columnists are at it again. Using last week’s violent outbreak on Free Day at the Kansas City Zoo to initiate a city-wide gun grab, all in the name of making things “safer” in the urban core. Well this conservative, second amendment lovin’ news-dog says hold on there boys, not so fast!

For years, community activists on the east side have said the reason for the violence at the Country Club Plaza was a product of having nowhere for area youth to congregate. Well last week, they had a place to congregate and they still shot it up. Wow! Go figure. Here’s a thought. Instead of dancing around the terms “gun grab” or “gun confiscation”, or saying the state legislature needs to “work with us” on ridding the city’s streets of guns, how about targeting the parents of these reprobates who seem intent on wreaking havoc in public places?

Mr. Mayor, as you so eloquently noted in your State of the City address this past Monday, “As long as I’m mayor, every kid is my kid.” If your street-urchin gets caught playing the knock-out game at 47th Street and Alameda Avenue (on the Plaza) after curfew, you do a couple of days in the pokey with no plea bargaining option. If your 13 year-old melee-maker gets pinched at the zoo with dad’s Glock, again, mandatory jail time for mom and dad! We don’t need any “new laws” that usurp and shred the Constitution, how about enforcing some of the laws already on the books that deal with this directly? How about parents who actually parent instead of droppin’ little Johnny off at the Plaza or the Zoo just to get them out of the house?

Lastly – in response to Mr. Ron McMillan, who stated last week in an article in The Call, “Why would there be a need to take a gun to the zoo?” Well Mr. McMillan, the reason is simple: To protect ourselves from the village idiots who think it’s fun to randomly and without thought, spray lead in every direction, that’s why.