Pay for parking meters with your cell phone

Posted February 26, 2014 at 3:15 pm

Northeast News
Feb. 26, 2014

KANSAS CITY, Missouri – No change in your pockets? Not a problem anymore when it comes to feeding parking meters.

The city’s Parking Services Division recently partnered up with Parkmobile USA Inc., to provide drivers some ease when dealing with the city’s parking meters. Drivers can now use a new app that will allow you to pay for parking using your smartphone on any of the city’s 1,500 meters. The application is available for iPhones, Android, Windows and Blackberry smart phones.

To use the new Parkmobile app, customers can register for free at or download the mobile app onto their smart phone. Once registered, customers use the mobile app, the internet or a toll free number, (877) 727-5457, to pay for parking. Drivers must first find a parking spot and then enter the meter’s zone number before they can enter a payment. In addition to allowing users to extend the parking meter time, the app can remind them when a meter is about to expire, selecting the option to receive reminders 15 minutes prior to expiration of their parking session. The service charges a nominal service fee for transactions, 35 cents if the customer uses Paypal or the Parkmobile wallet feature or 45 cents if paid directly from a credit card.

Sean Demory, public information officer for the Kansas City Public Works Department, said if someone adds more time to a meter from the app, the information will show up on the meters. He added parking enforcement officers are notified if funds haven’t been added to a meter.

Even though the parking meter app is still new to the Kansas City area, Demory said the reaction so far has been very positive.

“We had some initial hiccups with sign-ups but those were mostly operation errors,” Demory said. “People are glad we’ve entered the 21st Century.”