Snow removal, Kansas City style

Posted February 12, 2014 at 3:00 pm

Northeast News
February 12, 2014

snow tracks-buzz.tif

Does this look like effective snow removal to you? Yeah, didn’t think so. This ol’ newsdog is wondering where all the snowplows were last week because this street hasn’t seen a plow since the snow started initially last Tuesday. But to hear the mayor talk about the job that city crews are doing, everything is just dandy in this cow-town when it comes to snow removal.

Take a look at the picture, Mr. Mayor; this is your city government at work. No, strike that, it’s city government NOT working. This picture is the intersection of Windsor Avenue and Indiana, just a block from the Kansas City Museum. Sadly, however, the scene can be replayed at any side-street intersection in Kansas City’s urban core. The ruts in the unplowed snow make it next to impossible for standard two-wheel drive vehicles to get through.

This li’l pooch has seen plenty of plows over the last week but none with their blades down clearing side-streets of snow and ice. We hear one Waldo area neighborhood hires private plow contractors to have their city streets done properly. This snow-spittin doggie thinks that’s throwin’ good money after bad, frankly.

This city has a responsibility to its citizens to provide snow removal on public streets in a timely manner. That hasn’t been done, and the proof is in this picture. We don’t really expect any kind of major epiphany from the 29th floor on this or from Public Works frankly, given holidays in Spain and all. We just want our streets clear of ice and snow. Not a lot to ask is it?