Dear Editor: ACA has negative impact

Northeast News
February 5, 2014

Dear Editor:

It is amazing to me how people are surprised about the new (Affordable Care Act) health care program. That has driven up our out of pocket expenses and reduced the quality of options available to many of us for health care. The unintended consequences have just begun and many predict it will worsen when the employer mandate is enforced later this year.

These things were predicted by numerous people in the media. Those of us who watched, listened and read things other than the mainstream media were not surprised and were aware of the dangers this aggressive program would create. Unfortunately, many people refuse to listen to anyone labeled a conservative on any subject.

We have seen proof that the liberal agenda is not always right; conversely, the conservative agenda is not always wrong. If you are going to vote you must make an educated decision based on both sides of the equation. The truth is out there, but you must look for it. In continually voting for the same party or same individuals, and expecting a different outcome, is the definition of insanity. If you become informed, you will not be surprised again. Information from a speech or political commercial is never a good source of truth.

The people we elect to represent us must be held accountable by us; this is the cornerstone of our Constitution. The next time you plan on voting, consider this: Think of the men at Normandy Beach, Wake Island, Pearl Harbor and the others who gave up their lives in wars and peace keeping efforts so you could vote. Don’t we owe them a little time and study before we cast our ballots?

Raymond Brown
Diamond Auto