Hope is not an effective means

Northeast News
January 8, 2014

Last week KC NoVa (Kansas City No Violence Alliance) officials released information stating that lessons learned in 2013 will help them in 2014. This newshound is still waiting. NoVa was rolled mid-year 2012 with grand predictions of huge reductions in violent crime in Kansas City by targeting criminal networks rather than arresting criminals. Pressers, however, cautioned that tangible results were at least 12 months off. Eighteen months later, This impatient news canine is still waiting.

Operating under the flawed paradigm of “we can’t arrest our way out of a problem,” prosecutors and police apparently want another reprieve to make an excuse for a homicide count that once again crested over the century mark in 2013. Apparently, a sizable prisoner release last summer wasn’t taken into consideration. Seriously? You’ve been doing this how long? This old school news dog says you indeed can arrest your way out of the problem and the New York City stats under Mayor Rudy Giuliani show that to be the case. Arrests went up in New York City, largely for the kinds of offenses that negatively impact the quality of life along Independence Avenue. As arrests for street crime went up, crime in NYC fell. What a concept. Now with millions of dollars in cuts to the police department, we’ll be treated to another year of excuses on why crime in the urban core isn’t dropping as predicted. Once again, this pooch ain’t holdin’ her breath.