What are you afraid of, Jan? Really! What?

Posted October 22, 2013 at 11:00 pm

October 23, 2013

Last week in our newspaper, City Council member Jan Marcason, chair of the city’s Finance, Governance and Ethics Committee, stated the city wouldn’t be pursuing an audit of the mil levy, the public tax monies that support the Kansas City Museum.

This newshound is outraged – as should be the citizenry of this city at the good Councilwoman’s behavior and lack of a spine, much less political will. We want to know what you’re afraid of Jan. Afraid of what you’ll find when you at long last pull back the scab on a boiling sore that needs to be closely examined? Afraid of the blowback you’ll get from your pirate pals at Union Station when – not if – the audit uncovers indiscretions of illegally transferred funds, possibly totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars? Afraid that you’ll find that the real reason Union Station is all of a sudden afloat is because the mil levy made that happen? Seriously, Jan, what is it? You’re a disgrace to the office and a disgrace to the tax-paying, voting public.

This news-pooch isn’t afraid. We’re not afraid to do what you, a duly elected representative of the people, are too weak-kneed and linguini-spined to do. We’re going to demand, under the Freedom of Information Act, a line item accounting of exactly where the mil levy money goes. It’s called the Sunshine Law, Jan, shining its light where you’re too scared to go. We’re not afraid, Jan. We’ve had the bricks through the windows. We’ve had the death threats. We’ve had the screws in the parking lot. We’re still here. Unlike you, we don’t worry about political blowback, especially from little Georgie and his band of real live pirates at Union Station with designs on money and treasures that aren’t rightfully theirs. Don’t bother yourself with this any longer, Jan – we got this. But then again, you’re too afraid to push that rock.