Nix Saint Paul proposal now

Posted September 4, 2013 at 11:00 pm

September 4, 2013

We’re full up here. Kansas City’s Northeast neighborhood is already impacted with social service agencies that cater to a fast growing dependent community and this pooch says enough is enough. Now, an outfit calling itself KC CASE wants to plop down the biggest social service project in decades in the old Saint Paul School of Theology campus at Truman Road and Van Brunt Boulevard.

The project promises to be the biggest facility of its kind in the Midwest, adding to an already overpopulated landscape of agencies that serve Kansas City’s indigent community – all of which are, you guessed it,  located right here in good ol’ Northeast.

We’re done. No mas. This community has been Kansas City’s dumping ground for society’s flotsam and jetsam for far too long and this newsdog thinks it’s high time for the social engineering experiment to end. Between the feeding programs and the refugee dumping (let’s call it like it is), Northeast has far more than its share of touchy-feely programs that continue to concentrate the poorest of the poor in three or four ZIP codes.

Here’s a novel idea. Given Church of the Resurrection (COR) successfully enticed the Seminary to move to its greener pastures on the COR campus at 137th and Roe Boulevard in the heart of the Golden Ghetto, maybe they’d like to oversee the KC Case project on their site, too. After all, life at 135th and plowed ground tends to be far less risky for “at risk” people than in the heart of 64126 or 64127.  This crafty canine thinks COR is actually waiting in the wings to salvage the project as part of its telescopic philanthropy missions.  

It’s called telescopic philanthropy for a reason. That reason is so society’s crème can feel good about throwing money at a cause it never has to see, touch, hear, smell or otherwise be close to. Note to COR Honcho Adam Hamilton: This newsdog sees it, hears it and lives with it every doggone day, and we’re sick of it. Take it somewhere else. We’re full up here.