City Hall hypocrisy

Posted August 27, 2013 at 11:00 pm


 August 28, 2013

Twelve million dollars. That giant sucking sound you hear is that of Chicago-based West Monroe Partners sucking jobs and opportunity away from Kansas City in the form of a no-bid contract approved last week by your city council. Yep – they just handed this one over without a competitive bid process despite the fact that per the city charter, a contract of this size is required to go through the competitive bid process. The only exception that can be made is if the city manager determines the contractor is unique and offers a specialized service.

This fired up newshound doesn’t want to hear any more about the business community on the Kansas side of the state line poaching jobs away from the Missouri side, not after this contract gets awarded. Kudos to the three council people (Sharp, Curls, Reed) who had the stones to stand up to the Water Department and the mayor on this, noting the horrible precedent it sets moving forward. But then again, since when has city hall been shy about giving money away, isn’t that right Councilman Brooks? You and ol’ Ossco Bolton still livin’ off that 15-large you stole from the taxpayers are ya?

This newsdog will be watching the reserved parking space of Water Department Director Terry Leeds to see if a shiny new convertible shows up in the next couple of weeks. Again, more shameful behavior from the city council, especially those spineless ones who blindly voted for this contract.