Museum Director Fired Today – Christopher Leitch Let Go

Posted July 8, 2013 at 6:34 pm

Northeast News
July 8, 2013 

The Northeast News has just learned that at approximately 2:15 this afternoon, Kansas City Museum House Manager Christopher Leitch was fired. A source close to the Mayoral appointed Kansas City Museum Advisory Board confirmed the termination after attending Museum Advisory Board meetings this afternoon. That same source indicated that Collections Manager Denise Morrison will assume the role as interim House Manager until a replacement can be hired. Leitch’s release comes at a pivotal time for the Museum in terms of not only the ongoing restoration of Corinthian Hall, but also in the Museum Advisory Board’s goal to make the Gladstone Boulevard facility a free standing entity, operating independently of Union Station. The Northeast News has reached out to Leitch and Union Station officials but as of yet, we have not heard back. Again confirming that Kansas City Museum House Director Christopher Leitch was let go today by Union Station Management. We’ll have a complete update for you as more details become available.