15K reasons to not trust your city

Posted June 4, 2013 at 11:00 pm

June 5, 2103

It’s patently obvious at this stage of the game that Pastor and City Councilman Michael Brooks has no intention of returning any of the $15,000 he stuck up, er, requested from City Manager Troy Schulte for an appearance by Floyd Mayweather at an area youth event hosted by Ossco Bolton of POSSE. (Peers Organized to Support Student Excellence). Never mind Mayweather has a questionable history of abusing spouses, and why you would have such a “stellar” individual at a youth event is beyond this newsdog, but that’s another story for another day. No, what has this canine journo confused is how incredibly easy it was to con, er , requisition and receive $15-large from the city manager, then not deliver on any of the said deliverables (youth rally, etc.)

To follow this up, County Prosecutor Jean Peters-Baker declined to file charges against Brooks, Bolton or anyone involved in this fiasco. Fact: $15,000 of taxpayer money was stolen, er, authorized, er, well, it was essentially given to Ossco Bolton’s POSSE group with absolutely no oversight and no verification that an event was even planned. Keep in mind, this is the same bunch who brought you the downtown “toy train” streetcar debacle as well as the water bill “scam” this little doggie told you about last week that we’ve been getting calls on almost daily from residents wondering when the city moved to Pennsylvania. The lost $15,000 – and trust this pooch, it’s gone forever – is just another example of a city government that is as corrupted and arrogant as ever. The citizenry of this city needs to start waking up and demanding answers. Sadly, we’re not holding our breath for the torches and pitchforks scene. Does this remind anyone else of the House banking scandal from the early 1990s that caught up to then-5th District Congressman Alan Wheat?