Volunteers beautify Independence Avenue

Posted May 30, 2013 at 1:40 pm

Northeast News
May 30, 2013

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Volunteers from the Historic Northeast community came out to make their neighborhood a little brighter Tuesday, May 21. With some mulch for the flowers and some helping hands, the volunteer crew had hope for a brighter future.

The Independence Avenue Community Improvement District (CID) kicked off with the May 18 community-wide clean-up and flower planting along Independence Avenue.

When Tuesday came around, after a severe storm rolled through Kansas City, the crew was there to lay down mulch for the flower beds. Northeast Kansas City Chamber of Commerce President Bobbi Baker-Hughes said she loved the flowers and the turnout.

“People from outside of the area think people here will throw trash on the flowers, but that is not the case,” Baker-Hughes said.

Baker-Hughes said that because people notice the flowers in the flower pots and beds, they are less likely to litter into those areas.

Instead, she continued, they will walk over to the trash cans to throw their trash away because the flowers are there.

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