Dear Editor: Home is where heart is

May 15, 2013

Dear Editor:

“Home is where the heart is.” Be aware that people live where they are happy and prosperous.

When I read the letter to the editor “NE neighborhoods must work to increase property values” in the May 1 edition, I had the feeling that a person seems to be more interested in making a profit than having a decent place to stay. I don’t look to paying a lot more taxes and I assume that most individuals don’t want higher taxes either or increases. I am satisfied with the present value (of my home).

The crash in the housing market didn’t affect Northeast. This area is pretty stable if a person seriously considers a decent home and doesn’t want to move. It is better than living in a bossy apartment or loft.

It doesn’t matter to me if someone or some company says a place is of certain value. That could be the case with anything – car, motel, hotel, etc.

People have been moving in and around for years. Live where you like. The value is your business. Love each other.


David E. Russell
Northeast resident



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