City seeks public’s assistance in identifying illegal dumping suspects

Posted May 10, 2013 at 2:36 pm

Northeast News
May 10, 2013

Illegal dumping continues to be a problem in Historic Northeast and the city of Kansas City is seeking the public’s assistance in locating and identifying several vehicles.

One red truck with distinct wheels was caught by a city camera illegally dumping near Blue Ridge Boulevard and 7th Street. A metallic blue-green truck with two stripes painted over the roof and hood was also spotted dumping in the same area. Investigators know who the blue-green truck belongs to, but need assistance in figuring out where the woman currently resides, since she’s moved three times since she last registered her vehicle.

Investigators have identified the owner of a blue, white and red truck that was caught on camera illegally dumping near 13th and Jackson, but also need help in figuring out where he lives. The person has moved since the last time he registered his vehicle.

Who to contact
If you have any information about these vehicles or witness another vehicle illegally dumping, please email the city’s Illegal Dumping Investigator Alan Ashurst at and put “Northeast” in the subject line. If possible, please note where the vehicle was spotted and the license plate.

For a closer view, click on the photo.

red truck

blue-green truck


red white blue truck