What’s good for the goose…

Posted March 5, 2013 at 10:13 pm

March 6, 2013

Last week the city of Kansas City issued an edict from on high indicating that the sidewalk clearing ordinance would be enforced beginning Monday, March 4. Those not in compliance with said ordinance could be subject to a fine up to $100.

Well, this anarchy minded li’l newshound says not so fast there Mr. Big City Government meddling type. For starters, we’re wondering why we’re responsible for removing the four-foot drift of snow on our sidewalk that was dispatched by the city’s snow plow. The logic being, if the city deposited the snow, slush, ice and general muck there, they can by Jove remove it from there.

Additionally, we’d be happy to comply with said ordinance just as soon as the city removes the snow from the public walkways in the parks. Last we looked, the walking trails in Budd Park and along the length of Gladstone Boulevard are still packed with snow.  A look at some of the city’s major traffic thoroughfares show snow still blocking auto traffic lanes; in some cases, multiple lanes are still blocked by snow. If you think this move by the city wreaks of hypocrisy, you’d be dead-on, pardner. That dog don’t hunt here. Maybe when the city decides it’s a priority to remove the rest of the snow from the public streets, alleys and sidewalks, its citizenry will follow suit and comply.