Let the vilification commence

Posted February 6, 2013 at 12:00 am

February 6, 2013

This past week, there’s been considerable talk about the homeless camp that was essentially raided along the entrance ramp to northbound I-35 off The Paseo. Neighborhood residents who expressed concern over the mounting crime brought in to the neighborhood by said occupants of the now displaced camp have now been put in the crosshairs by critics who think we’re bullying the homeless and we should leave them alone.


Homeless camp. Above is a view from the illegal homeless camp overlooking I-35. City officials estimate more than 150 individuals were living in the wooded area. The camps have since been cleared, but remnants of the camp still remain in certain parts of the woods.
Leslie Collins

Well, here’s a newsflash for those critics who by and large don’t live with the issue day and night like we do here in HNE. Until you’ve had to deal first-hand with the problems these vagrants bring along with them, this newshound thinks you should dummy up a little. Just as an FYI – The Paseo encampment was also home to no less than five mobile meth labs, so you’re argument that these people are largely harmless falls in a huge way. Here’s a thought – we could bus ‘em out to your doorstep at 110th and North Oak and see how you like ‘em. Til you’ve walked a mile in this newshound’s booties, don’t be crackin’ on us for trying to make our neighborhood a better place to live.