Animal Control deserves kudos

Posted January 30, 2013 at 12:00 am

January 30, 2013

For several months this winter both a neighbor and I had periodically spotted a big white dog wandering around different parts of the Northeast. Then last week, at the corner of Gladstone and Hardesty, I saw him playing in the street with a brown puppy. I stopped and talked to a neighbor, who said they had been there for three days. At that point, I decided to call Animal Control, but another neighbor stopped by in her car, saying she had just seen another white dog up the street, killed by a car – apparently there had been two that were either dumped off here or abandoned.

Before I could call Animal Control, the officer showed up. I’m sorry I didn’t get his name, but I recognized him from a previous incident when we had called because two pit bull puppies had showed up on our porch. On both occasions, he was polite to us and very kind to the dogs involved. The white dog came right up to him and when I left, the officer was sitting on the sidewalk, encouraging the puppy to come to him, too.

I hate the fact that so many dogs are left to fend for themselves in our neighborhood. But, I am so relieved to know that when I call Animal Control (or at least when this one officer comes), they will be treated with gentleness and respect. Based on my experiences, I hope that folks in the neighborhood will call Animal Control when they see a dog wandering about for awhile; I think you will be doing them a favor.

Today I called the shelter and the white dog “Silbert” just became available for adoption; he is so sweet and gentle and lovely. His little brown friend “Janie” is also available. They are estimating that she is only 8 months old.  At least these two are safe and well cared for and will, with luck, find good forever homes.

- Katie Cline
Kansas City, Mo.