No such luck…

Posted January 23, 2013 at 12:00 am

January 23, 2013


When city crews showed up last Thursday to work on the traffic signal at St. John and Topping, we thought that maybe, just maybe our story in regard to the traffic signals that continue to dangerously blink yellow had some positive effect at City Hall.

We also fielded several calls and a few visits from neighbors, who after noticing the work crew, stopped in to say thanks for getting the city to fix the dangerous situation.

Sadly, though, our hopes were dashed when we asked the work crew about restoring the operation of the push-button that controls the signal. They told us they were simply repairing damage to the electrical box that was struck by a car. They said the light would continue to blink yellow. Welcome to city ineptitude personified.

This newshound would like to know how many pedestrians, primarily school kids, are going to suffer injuries before someone returns functionality to the button that controls the traffic signals at St. John and Topping as well as St. John and Quincy? Hello, City Hall. Anyone there?