SAC honors James Elementary teachers for their dedication

Posted December 26, 2012 at 12:00 am

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Northeast News
December 26, 2012 

James Elementary School’s library was abuzz with activity Dec. 10 as the James School Advisory Council (SAC) honored the elementary teachers for their dedication.

Handmade placemats created by students covered each table and flower arrangements sat in vases that featured sayings of what students like about their teachers and their school.

There were gift giveaways and a dinner catered by Price Chopper. Some of the students even helped serve cake and pour drinks.

“It is so important to recognize our teachers not only for the hard work they have done to achieve such a high progress for our children, but for the continued success in teaching our children,” said James SAC President Peggy Lou Collie. “So, on this day, we celebrate our teachers.”

Earlier this year, James Elementary earned the 2012 Missouri High Progress Award for showing significant improvement on state assessments in communication arts and math. Only seven Title I schools in Missouri and Kansas earned the recognition. Since 2010, the number of James students scoring proficient or advanced in communication arts has risen from 16 percent to 30 percent. In math, the number rose from 29 percent to 53 percent.

Asked to describe the teachers at James, Collie said, “Our teachers give our children the priceless gift of time - time to share, to try out new ideas and rethink old ones.

“Our teachers love our children for who they are, not what they do… Feeling accepted, our children are able to set higher goals, try harder and achieve more.

“There are many people that we will meet in our lives but only a few will make a lasting impression on our minds and hearts. It is these people, our teachers at James Elementary, that we will think of throughout the years and who will always remain important to us for all the moments we’ve shared – moments filled with feelings and thoughts, dreams and wishes, laughter and tears, and above all, friendship.”

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Appreciation. James Elementary SAC members and James students host an appreciation dinner for James’ teachers. Sitting on each table were handmade placements and vases decorated by the students. SAC President Peggy Lou Collie said the teachers have left a lasting impression. Leslie Collins